Rebuild Wine Country
Rebuild Wine Country
Donations will be used to rebuild homes and for recovery efforts in all impacted communities

Rebuild Wine Country


Fire station wall. | by Adam Decker | October 19, 2017

Fire station wall. | by Adam Decker | October 19, 2017

Rebuild Wine Country is spearheaded by a group of volunteer wine industry professionals from both Sonoma County & Napa Valley. It was founded by the team behind Senses Wines, including Chris Strieter, Max Thieriot, Myles Lawrence-Briggs, and Chelsea Boss. The team grew organically through their relationships between like-minded individuals and organizations that wanted to give back to their communities in desperate need. These industry leaders form the backbone of our organization, now comprised of a vast network of passionate individuals donating their time to help Rebuild Wine Country.

Below the directory, our amazing volunteers are listed!

Origin Story


The intensity of the north bay fires was numbing the morning of October 9th. Accurate news was scarce and hard to come by, our family and friends were on high-alert for evacuation, some escaping their homes 20 minutes before they burnt to the ground with just the clothes on their backs, and countless others were disrupted - the place we call home was under attack.

Our team had been in constant contact with one another, as well as with our friends and family to make sure everyone in the extended Senses community was safe. But we wanted to do more. We couldn’t sit still.

Inspired by the community’s response and countless offers to help, the team at Senses - including our Co-Founders Chris Strieter, Max Thieriot and Myles Lawrence-Briggs, and General Manager Chelsea Boss - launched Rebuild Wine Country: a crowdfunding effort in collaboration with local Habitat for Humanity affiliates to help those who need it most rebuild their homes.

We knew that the recovery would be long-term and that raising awareness and funds for rebuilding would be instrumental to those efforts. We also knew that this is a digital age and wanted to maximize the reach of our campaign so we began to look into fundraising efforts the next day.

It took about two days to figure out how to execute a clean campaign that was tax-deductible, without fees and unnecessary admin costs. We also wanted to help all of wine country, Sonoma, Napa, Solano, Lake and Mendocino Counties. This was trickier than expected since most charity entities operate under strict bylaws that limit how and where they can spend funds. A close friend, Che Casul, suggested his group, Habitat for Humanity of Sonoma County (H4H SoCo), as a fiscal sponsor of our efforts to help distribute raised funds across all of wine country through their affiliates. This created the perfect opportunity.

We built a website and launched the campaign through YouCaring (0% fees) with all funds directly collected by H4H SoCo. They then redistribute funds to their local H4H affiliates as a proportion of structures destroyed by the fires in their respective county. This combined with local H4H affiliates solved our needs to get donations into the right hands as soon as possible without overhead fees or tax issues. Overnight, friends of ours throughout Napa and Sonoma Counties, offered to help in the Rebuild Wine Country efforts. We had over 18 volunteers within days and they’ve been incredible.

By the end of Thursday, October 12th, we raised $5k and over 40k through the weekend. A plethora of volunteers, industry support, partnership opportunities and donations found us. We raised our goal to 500k and soon to 5M with the goal to rebuild at least 50 homes and repair countless others. This is just the beginning and we are so thankful to have an opportunity to help those who need it.


Chris Strieter   &  Chelsea Boss

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Leadership Team


The Rebuild Wine Country team is here to work with you and answer questions. We look forward to speaking with you!

General Management

Chris Strieter, Co-Founder,
   Co-Founder, Senses Wines, Sonoma County

Chelsea Boss, Co-Founder,
   General Manager, Senses Wines, Sonoma County

Fundraising Partnerships & Community Outreach

Jordan Felling, Founding Volunteer,
   Founder, The Pollinate Brand, Napa Valley

Press & Media Inquiries

Michelle Lipa, Founding Volunteer,
   Founder, The Trig Collective, Napa Valley + San Francisco Bay Area

Marketing & Social Media

Ashley Cummins, Volunteer,
   Senior Account Manager, Astra Digital Marketing, Napa Valley

Ruilding Efforts

Ariel Jackson, Volunteer,
   Jackson Family Wines, Sonoma County
   Seismic Brewing, Sonoma County

Volunteer Team


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