Fire station wall. | by Adam Decker | October 19, 2017

Fire station wall. | by Adam Decker | October 19, 2017

Rebuild Wine Country is spearheaded by a group of volunteer wine industry professionals from both Sonoma County & Napa Valley. It was founded by the team behind Senses Wines, including Chris Strieter, Max Thieriot, Myles Lawrence-Briggs, and Chelsea Boss. The team grew organically through their relationships between like-minded individuals and organizations that wanted to give back to their communities in desperate need. These industry leaders form the backbone of our organization, now comprised of a vast network of passionate individuals donating their time to help Rebuild Wine Country.

Below the directory, our amazing volunteers are listed!

Volunteer Leadership


The Rebuild Wine Country team is here to work with you and answer questions. We look forward to speaking with you!

General Management

Chris Strieter, Founder, chris@senseswines.com
   Co-Founder, Senses Wines, Sonoma County

Chelsea Boss, Co-Founder, chelsea@senseswines.com
   General Manager, Senses Wines, Sonoma County

Fundraising Partnerships & Community Outreach

Jordan Felling, Founding Volunteer, jordan@thepollinatebrand.com
   Founder, The Pollinate Brand, Napa Valley

Press & Media Inquiries

Michelle Lipa, Founding Volunteer, michelle@trigcollective.com
   Founder, The Trig Collective, Napa Valley + San Francisco Bay Area

Marketing & Social Media

Ashley Cummins, Founding Volunteer, ashley@astradms.com
   Senior Account Manager, Astra Digital Marketing, Napa Valley

Rebuilding Efforts

Ariel Jackson, Founding Volunteer, ariel.jackson@jfwmail.com
   Jackson Family Wines, Sonoma County
   Seismic Brewing, Sonoma County

Volunteer Team