Volunteer Leadership


The Rebuild Wine Country team is here to work with you and answer questions. We look forward to speaking with you!

General Management

Chris Strieter, Founder, chris@senseswines.com
   Co-Founder, Senses Wines, Sonoma County

Chelsea Boss, Co-Founder, chelsea@senseswines.com
   General Manager, Senses Wines, Sonoma County

Fundraising Partnerships & Community Outreach

Jordan Felling, Founding Volunteer, jordan@thepollinatebrand.com
   Founder, The Pollinate Brand, Napa Valley

Press & Media Inquiries

Michelle Lipa, Founding Volunteer, michelle@trigcollective.com
   Founder, The Trig Collective, Napa Valley + San Francisco Bay Area

Marketing & Social Media

Ashley Cummins, Founding Volunteer, ashley@astradms.com
   Senior Account Manager, Astra Digital Marketing, Napa Valley

Rebuilding Efforts

Ariel Jackson, Founding Volunteer, ariel.jackson@jfwmail.com
   Jackson Family Wines, Sonoma County
   Seismic Brewing, Sonoma County

Volunteer Team