Rebuild Wine Country: Seven Month Update

Just over seven months have passed since unprecedented wildfires ravaged the North Bay. The perilous flames and smoke decimated entire communities, leaving many without belongings beyond the clothes they wore during their escape.

Our mission—to repair and rebuild homes and support recovery efforts in partnership with Habitat for Humanity—has not changed since then. In fact, we have only gained momentum and motivation thanks to the incredible generosity of every single donor. Each donation, down to the penny, goes directly to those who need it most. Take a look below to see how far we’ve come.


That’s right! Together we have raised over $917,000!

We are so proud of our progress, but more than anything, we are deeply inspired and humbled by how far and wide this movement has spread, thanks to YOUR support!

Keep the momentum going… Make a donation today.

Do you know someone whose home was damaged or lost in the fires? Click here to learn more about the local Habitat for Humanity of Wildfire Rebuild Programs and refer to the assistance form.